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Welcome to Garulia Municipality

Garulia is located at Shyamnagar, North twenty four Parganas. It has an average elevation of 13 metres (43 ft). Cool air blows in winter and very heavy rain falls in summer. Inhabitants are Hindus, Muslims and others & Bihari Localated Area and local Indian Bengalis. There are ferry services which continue until midnight. Garulia is bounded by Bhatpara on the north, Garshyamnagar and Noapara on the east, North Barrackpur on the south and the Hooghly on the west 96% of the population of Barrackpore subdivision (partly presented in the map alongside) lives in urban areas. In 2011, it had a density of population of 10,967 per square km The subdivision has 16 municipalities and 24 census towns. For most of the cities/ towns information regarding density of population is available in the Info box. Population data is not available for neighborhoods. It is available for the entire municipal area and thereafter ward-wise.


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